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Family member names and ages of little ones of everyone attending

Babies name and gender

Babies due date/birth date

Babies weight (if born)

Does your baby have any special needs I should be aware of?

Are we including siblings into this session? If so, what are their names and ages?

Do you have anything special you are bringing to incorporate into your session?

Do you have color preferences on what is used? I suggest picking up to 3. Examples are keep it white ivory and classic neutrals, brown neutrals with pops of color (blue, pink, green), cream neutrals with pops of color, rich earth tones brown, yellow, reds, or match my nursery colors grey, pink and white.

Do you have any specific poses or requests for your session? (If you are unsure you can opt to just let me take creative control). Also be aware that every baby is different and not all babies will do all poses and I cannot guarantee specific poses. Safety and babies comfort always takes priority. Some poses are also part of my work flow, but knowing any specific requests you have I will be sure to focus on those.

Where do you plan on displaying your images?

Have you had professional photos taken before?

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What is most important to capture in your session?