Have questions? Chances are they’ve been asked before. We have answers for your here. Of course if we missed anything or you have a unique questions please reach out via email

Q:        Is hair and make-up included in our package?

A:         Hair and make-up is a separate service. We work with a couple HUMA’s that we have built relationships with whose work and style we love. 

Q:        How long is a typical session?

A:         Most sessions are typically an hour to 1.5 hours long. The exceptions are newborn sessions (generally 2.5hours), and our special events throughout the year that are specific time slots. Please keep this timing in mind. We recommend arriving to your appointment ready to go 10 minutes prior to your session time. Arriving late will cut into your session time and impact your overall result. 

Q:        When do I get to talk to the photographer?

A:         Anytime! Please use the call link to schedule a time that works best for your schedule. Before booking or after booking I prefer to have a quick chat will all clients to go over visions and details. Please use the call link. 

My phone is typically on permanent DND and I do not respond to texts. Social media DMS are not always monitored either. Email is always the best method of contact. Between my assistant and I one of us will see that the quickest. With 3 kids a big family, a busy schedule and lots of clients maintaining all communications via email ensures we can track and best attend to our clients needs the best.  

Q:        Should I send you a Pinterest board of all my ideas for posing?

A:         The short answer is no. I will sometimes ask for session inspiration based on my work to get an idea of your style. You are hiring me as an artist and trusting my vision and guidance. My best sessions come when I am free to create with my subject and come up with new visions that work for them. Trust that you love my work and I put everything into every session to create beautiful images you will love.

Please keep in mind we can look at one photo and see completely different things. Also I guarantee you those beautiful images you see that you love happened organically between the subject and the artist. 

Q:       I see you have a client closet, how many outfits do I get to wear?

A:         Yes, we have an extensive client closet that fits a range of sizes and body types. Our most popular package you get up to 3 outfit changes. Please be aware that for special event sessions or family sessions it is usually only 1 look. Although we have a ton of beautiful styles for your photoshoot, we want you to stand out and not just the looks. 2-3 is the most I recommend so we aren’t rushing from dress to dress. 

Q:        Will your dresses fit me?

A:         This is the biggest question! In general almost all dresses fit from a size 0-16+ These are just for a photoshoot not to be walking around in. If a style is too big we can pin it back for photos. Some we even make out of fabric! These are nothing like department style clothes. They are made specifically for photoshoots and either tie in or have a lot of stretch in the fabric to fit a range of sizes and body types.

 Q:        Do you have a client closet for kids and men?

A:         Yes we do! Typically we offer our kids and men options for in studio only. It is much more limited for men and kids. Kids and men’s options are more specific and not as forgiving our women’s options. I carry options for men Small-XXL but I do always recommend bringing options. Generally, my recommendation is dark jeans, long sleeve classic Henley, button up in classic colors. 

We have a small seleciton of baby and kids items too! Our style is boho or tulle with a vintage feel. You are welcome to check out our client closet for current offerings or inquire too!

Q:        Will my shoes show? What should I wear?

A:         I am a big fan of just simple and barefoot or minimalist sandals. In general, most of our dresses and gown for women are long and you will not see your feet. Your prep guide will cover what type of shoes to wear for the season. In studio we do lots of bare feet, but if you have a special pair of shoes or a style that is special for you we recommend bringing. For men a nice dress shoe, simple outdoor style boot with style or plain pair of suede shoes goes really well. The biggest things everyone wants to avoid in photos is athletic wear, logos, sneakers and clashing colors. Think simple and classic. 

Q:        I have kids that I want to incorporate into capturing these memories. What is the best way to do that?

A:         We love our kids so much. I have 3 boys and I 100% know the feeling of wanting to put them into everything we do. Truth is kids don’t care about photos like we do. It must be a fun experience for them otherwise its tears or a full range of emotions. I recommend only incorporating 1 look with your kids for maternity sessions and planning on it being a short 15 mins of snuggles laughs and natural emotions. Every family is different but I have a few tips and tricks if you need them! We do offer a couple special events throughout the year in studio that are short and structured just for kids

Outdoor family sessions are more of a play session. We get a mix of individual photos, sibling and parent groupings, entire family together and lots of interacting with nature or dancing. Outdoor sessions with families typically are 1 hour long. Being outdoors in nature typically allows kids some freedom and breathing room to fully enjoy a “play” session.

Q:        You can just fix that in Photoshop right?

A:         Our photo editing includes blemish removal, gentle skin softening, and color toning edits. Good lighting, good styling, good hair and make up is the magic formula for beautiful photos. We are happy to accommodate additional requests beyond basic retouching, examples are stain removals, pet hair, fabric wrinkles, adding make up, body slimming, hair additions ect. at an additional charge $50+ per image varying request.

 Q:        Do you offer in person viewing of our photos with the photographer?

A:         Yes we do! If you are looking to purchase specialty products that we offer like our handmade photo albums, Original Photoblocks handmade in the Netherlands, or fine art printing and framing we can make a separate appointment once your proof gallery is ready. Online viewing is optional as well. Clients looking to purchase from our professional printing labs with us receive additional images and prebooking incentives for getting products with us.

You do receive high resolution images with your digital packages. We do not guarantee or make any adjustments for print labs not purchased through us. Not all printing labs are the same. We recommend doing test prints with any company before making large purchases.

Q:        When do I get my photos?

A:         Our timeline generally works like this (be keep in mind during peak season things can change)

  • After your photoshoot you will receive your proof gallery within in one week along with a couple sneak peeks
  • You will then have 7 days to select the images for your package
  • Once you have emailed and confirmed your selections are finalized it takes approximately 3 weeks to receive your gallery. 

Q:      How do newborn sessions work?

A: Newborn sessions are scheduled once baby arrives. Be sure to book in our calendar so we have a spot for you. Once baby arrives we will schedule your sessions within the first 7-18 days. Contact us ASAP  after arrival to get the most  options for availability. 

Newborn sessions are scheduled on weekdays at 10am. This timing is best for baby as most babies sleep the best early morning.

Sessions are pre-styled by photographer based on your preferences. All wardrobe and props are included for baby and family photos. 

Once you arrive at the studio photographer takes care of all babies needs. Many  clients use this time to relax or schedule hair and make up to be done at the studio for a little pamper and refreshment time. 

Q:        We love all the images can we can all the RAWs too?

A:         All images given to clients are high resolution files. Raw and unedited images are never released under any circumstances

Q:        What is your refund policy?

A:         Due to the nature of our services session and digitals are non refundable. For products all sales are final. If your product arrives damaged or defected please let us know asap and we will replace your product or issue a refund.

Q:        Do you offer in home sessions or other locations?

A:         In general no. My style is very specific and I have designed my studio space, lighting and props to fit with that style. All my equipment is too much to lug around. I do have photographers I can recommend for in home newborn sessions if that is something your heart is set on!