Look at them Grow

We are so excited that you are interested in a session that celebrates the milestones your beautiful little one is growing through. In our studio we will work together to create classic timeless images that will be treasured for generations.

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My studio is packed full of head pieces, layers props, and outfits for newborn babies and up to about one year old. I have all the things so you don’t have to stress on finding, researching, or shopping for anything. My style is simple and timeless. We don’t “dress up” baby in costumes. We choose classic items that focus on and showcase your beautiful babe. We will go over colors and your preferences but I will take care of all the styling for you so that you can just relax and enjoy the process.

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Things to bring

• The essentials of course: Milk, diapers, wipes

• Arrive with baby in something that is easy to remove. If its warm enough just a diaper or zip up onesie is great so baby doesn’t have to be handled too much which could cause a fussy baby.

• Extra change of clothes

• Favorite toys

• Food/Bottle/Snacks

• Teething Ring/Soother/Ointment – FYI – Between 5-7 months even if your little one’s smile is all gums, babies are teething! Sore gums can make for a challenging photo session. Please use one of those methods just before your session so baby is comfortable and feeling their best!

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All the little details

• Prep Sleep is everything! Make sure little one has napped well and has had a full feeding before we get started. Nobody wants to have their photos taken when they are tired and hangry.

• Please arrive 5-10 mins early so we are able to start on time. Other than changing baby into our cute outfits you want to be as prepared as possible to maximize our session time.

• During the session, the best way for us to get the best portraits is for you to sit back on the couch and chill! We will take care of all the entertaining and fun antics to engage with your baby. Every baby is different so we will go at your babies pace. If you do need to be involved I will just ask that you stand directly behind me over the top of my head, so baby will look right at you giving us that perfect eye engagement with the camera.

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You’re so prepared

Now all we need to do is look forward to creating images that you’ll treasure forever.

Any questions or if you haven’t already booked a session, please reach out to us for more information.

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Chelsey Shaw