Why Capture This Moment?

Maternity sessions are my absolute favorite moments to capture. It was such a pivotal moment in my life that completely changed me as a human. Pregnancy is not a serene peaceful experience. Each person goes through their own trials and ups and downs of creating a tiny human in a short (in hindsight) span of time. But it seems like as an eternity from that first moment you discover you are expecting. With all that each mother goes through to welcome a new life into their life, it is a significant moment worth celebrating and documenting!

Seattle & Tacoma Maternity Photography

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I will be honest I did not feel so beautiful during pregnancy. With all the changes, aches, pains, swelling and feeling like my body was not my own. I never felt as magical as many women to me look during their pregnancy. Looking back most of that while true was also hormones and not knowing what to expect. Now that my children are 6,7 and 9 being able to look back I cherish all the photos I did capture during my pregnancy. It is a moment you cannot re-recreate and it is a part of our families story. The technology and tools we have today to create moments will last generations. I won’t be around but I love the thought knowing 2, 4 or even 8 generations from now our family will have some incredible photos to put together the story of where they came from.

Ideas to Document Your Pregnancy

Here we are! You want to document your pregnancy in a beautiful way that you will have these incredible photos to look upon to always remember this moment. Photos can be powerful! Past clients have told me they printed and framed a photo to have to look at to inspire themselves during labor. We are going to talk about some ways that will inspire you for stunning maternity portraits.

I have many mommas that want a photoshoot just for themselves! As a mom of 3 boys you will be taking many photos over the years. Most are all about family, connection and the ones you love for years. In conclusion some of my clients take this moment to do one thing just for them. It can be a boudoir inspired shoot to document the changes in their body or something magical and wonderful out in nature.

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Is this your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th pregnancy? Maybe capturing the connection of your loved ones and your baby bump is more your style. In studio it can be a simple beautiful way to show your bond. Outdoors in the PNW provides many incredible landscapes. Let your kids run and play and showcase the playful nature of your family.

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Whatever you are drawn to you, your family and this moment is worth documenting so you can relive it over and over again. My kids love seeing photos of themselves on the walls and photo-books they can look through. Above all, live this moment to the best you can!

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