Fine art maternity images are my favorite. We get to work together in an intimate space with no on lookers with the full capacity of creativity. It is very important to me that we create a space that you are comfortable in and we have the freedom to truly celebrate this moment of your pregnancy. There is something very special about these types of photos. The more I know about you and your style preferences the better the outcome. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this quiz!

It can help to take a look here at this blog post before filling out the quiz to give you some ideas as well

Studio Maternity Style – Chelsey Shaw Photography

Welcome to your Fine Art Maternity Quiz

Names and ages (ages for tiny humans) of everyone attending

What style best describes you?

  •  Modern-Simple classic clean lots of black and white
  • Casual- less glam more casual wardrobe options
  • Fine art- Ethereal vibes like a painting or magazine cover


What type of wardrobe pieces do you want to showcase your baby bump?

The following pieces I would like: 


Body suits
Bare Bodied
Full coverage dresses
Crop tops or t shirts with jeans (not provided as a wardrobe option)  
Flowy silk chiffon/fabrics made to fit as a dress

What is your comfort level and what you want to see or not see captured in your maternity photos?

  Complete coverage

  Exposed belly

  Fine art nude Implied nude covered with hands/hair 

What is your favorite feature about yourself?

What are ways to make you feel comfortable and let you be your true self?

What is your favorite type of music?

Music is an important part of the process. I recommend creating a special playlist of upbeat empowering songs you love for your session. I have a playlist as well but creating your space and vibe can really help you to relax and enjoy the process.

When you have time please send attach 3-5 photos from my website for inspiration on styles/looks that you like. The more information you give me the better. I don’t prefer Pinterest images just because we can look at the same photo and think totally different things. So if you do please tell me in detail what it is that you like about the photo. Example: I just love this pose even though its an outdoor shoot or I love this outfit

This will be something you need to email me. Having an idea of the vibe and styles of photos you love will help me to create beautiful images for you as well that you are inspired by. We aren't trying to replicate or recreate the exact images.****please do not send links. Screenshot the images and attach only please****