Can you do boudoir photos outdoors??? Yes of course! It is becoming more and more popular especially in the warmer months. Now when you think of boudoir photos you may not automatically jump to thinking of your pregnancy. 

Seattle maternity photographer-67

What are boudoir photos for a pregnancy photo shoot?

Really they are whatever you have in mind and how comfortable you are expressing the beauty of your changing body. This session out in a beautiful golden field in Orting went perfect with this momma’s version of a Seattle boudoir photographer style. This red tulle dress by Katharina Couture gives you all the beauty and glamour of a dress and the ability to show off your baby bump. There is an elegance of her style paired with her husband that just steals the show in these photos. 

Do you need scenic mountains and landscapes to have magical boudoir photos?

No! As a Seattle boudoir photographer I can get really caught up on locations. I have learned any type of photo shoot the magic is within the subject and the captured moments of the people in the photos. Don’t get me wrong as much as I love driving to these amazing locations that take our breath away, the real draw to a photo is making it feel like you are right there in the moment. This moment and these photos are about you when and wherever you are. 

Seattle maternity photographer-67

Back to these photos and this session. It was done in August on a warm summer day where the mountain and the golden sun showed up for us. Although this client had so much magic I don’t think it would have matter if it was pouring down rain or not the photos would have been amazing. 

The best part of my job as a Seattle boudoir photographer is getting to be behind the scenes to watch these moments unfold. I could not help but notice how much her husband could not stop gushing with glow and admiration of his wife. Even when we were going for serious faces he just couldn’t help light up and smile. I can’t wait for their kids to look back and appreciate their parents at this time in their lives looking back at these photos.