Fall and winter is right around the corner. As much as I have been enjoying the warm summer sun and the beautiful golden light in all my 2020 summer sessions, I am looking forward to the changes of fall. Cool crisp weather brings the red and orange tones in the tree leaves and the ever-changing weather. Some days event the rainy ones bring the most beautiful weather with fog and clouds. Last year some of my favorite sessions were on rainy days. Never be afraid of the weather (well of course except in the case of dangerous weather conditions).  

Seattle maternity photographer-67

Rattlesnake Lake is one of my favorite fall and winter locations. The water recedes in the lake and exposes marbled sand and large tree stumps surrounded by mountains and evergreen trees. When it is cloudy or on light rain days sometimes we get the most beautiful clouds and if we are extra lucky some fog that hugs around the mountain. 

On days that it isn’t raining or covered in clouds the sunsets at Rattlesnake Lake can be amazingly colorful dripped with sunlight. We will save those examples for another blog post, but for now we will just drool over this gorgeous PNW maternity session. The clouds and landscape are everything that represents the Pacific Northwest feels. 

Neutral colored dresses are generally my favorite to bring out the natural tones of the scenic landscapes. Layers in the fall can add personality and your own personal touches with hats and scarves to your wardrobe.  As your Seattle maternity photographer I do carry layering scarves in rich textures and colors to add pop to your maternity photos. I just love this client’s personal style as she added a felt hat and her hair clip! I am a big fan of timeless and classic but sometimes just a little pop of one thing here or there can make a great touch. 

Seattle maternity photographer-67
A good tip for Rattlesnake Lake is we don’t actually have to hike a mountain to get to this location! It is within walking distance of the parking lot.