Creating boudoir maternity photos!

I don’t have enough words as a Seattle boudoir photographer to even describe this session. It was an amazing session to come back from months of quarantine to. 

The intimacy of an in studio is incomparable. We don’t have to worry lighting, crowds of people or weather changes. On this day it actually rained quite a bit. Originally we did plan an outdoor maternity session. I am so glad the weather was not great for an outdoor session so we could create this beautiful studio magic!

Tacoma maternity photographer

Many clients who book me for studio maternity photos generally only book them for themselves. It may be because I don’t post enough of couple’s maternity photos. At first we were just going to focus on mom and do a couple together, but the connection and love expressed together we had to do more! The connection shared creating a family together is an incredible bond. Just as much as motherhood is a powerful experience, so is the love between couples in the process. 

The lighting set ups we did for this session is my favorite. These light sets up are simple, clean and classic styles to show off the beauty of pregnancy. This style is exactly what I look to achieve in my work as a Seattle boudoir photographer. The soft flowing fabrics create an elegance surrounding mamas growing baby bump. 

Tacoma maternity photographer

What has been your favorite Seattle boudoir photographer look? Are you a fan of the silk fabrics, bare skin, causal jean looks or do you like the glam and style of pretty dresses? I am always aiming to create new looks and styles to capture the beauty of pregnancy. We all have different personalities and having a range of styles allows you to choose what best suits you. 

Now that summer is wrapping up I am looking forward to it being colder outside and hopefully bringing more expecting mommas into the studio with this Seattle boudoir photographer!

As a reminder the best time to book your maternity session is around the 20 week mark so that you can prepare for your session between 28-32 weeks.