Hair and make up takes a photography session to a whole other level. The biggest reasons I suggest getting your hair and make up done by a professional for your boudoir session is the experience! The artists I recommend are amazingly talented and wonderful people. Getting time to yourself as a woman to be pampered and fully relax and let the professional take the wheel. You don’t have to worry if you didn’t blend your lines in enough, you don’t have to buy any special make up (yes there is special make up that shows up on camera better then your everyday make up), and you don’t have to try and curl your hair on your own. You know what I’m talking about how difficult it is to get the back of your hair just right! 

The artists I work with are also amazing at countering and bringing out and enhancing your natural beauty. As a Seattle boudoir photographer my goal and the make up artists goal are not to make you someone you are not but enhance and bring out the person you are. Getting your hair and make up done is a way of putting that best version of yourself forward.

This is a great example of a beautiful woman with no make up and hair just towel dried. Still beautiful in both examples but getting pampered before her session with this Seattle boudoir photographer transformed her into the best version of who she already is. 

I encourage you to give yourself permission to fully enjoy the experience of boudoir photography. This includes styling by a professional and getting inspired by a timeless classic high end beauty look. I cannot wait for you to seize this moment today and accept who you are right now to capture your essence and freeze that forever with beautiful photographs.  In 5. 10 years from now you will look back at yourself with more love and acceptance and appreciation of the person you are. These moments are exciting and enjoyable as something you will want to do again and again with your Seattle boudoir photographer!