Some sessions just take you to a whole new place you have never been before. Boudoir maternity….in studio I get the request all the time but outdoors this was a first from a client request. Let’s just say I squealed a bit inside when she told me over the phone this was what she wanted. Now I think I can officially add boudoir photography to my resume 🙂

Seattle boudoir photographer

I suggested a location on a weekday that is generally pretty secluded on weekday evenings (I actually suggest almost all my clients to plan for their sessions on a weekday so it is less crowded and we are not fighting with crowds or other photographers for good spots). There were a few other nature enthusiast and one other photographer but the area is so large it still seemed as though we had the place to ourselves. I also prefer the light that is the last drop before it is completely dark as where most others don’t. Sticking around until the last minute has its pay offs! Can you just see the magical detail in those clouds? There is such a variety through the night as the temperature drops with the disappearance of the sun given warmth. This evening is every Seattle boudoir photographers dream!

I cannot wait for her to come back once baby is born! Although we are not planning another boudoir photo shoot, I have some amazing ideas for some intimate artistic mom and baby newborn photos. We will be sure to include her husband in them as well. I melt every time seeing a tiny newborn baby snug in their Daddies hands.