Places in the PNW to get the most amazing magical maternity photos to celebrate this moment in your life.

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Why is it so popular to have your maternity photos taken in the beauty of the outdoors? Living in Washington state I get to see the allure and majesty of Mt Rainier everyday surrounded by the beautiful foothills. That is a little bit of a lie since it is only out a few times a month because of all the cloudy weather. When Mt Rainier is out in all her glory it seems to be calling to us for adventure and the promise of triumphs if we can scale to the mountain-top (or at least to the top of some pretty wondrous hiking trails). As a mother of 3 I can see the parallel of Mt Rainier and motherhood. There is a beauty in pregnancy and the love of your children, but it is not with tremendous challenges. When in nature surrounded by all that beauty and that scenery it pairs perfectly.


I have been photographing women in the PNW for over 4 years now in some of the most beautiful places in our area. These are some of my most favorite locations that are easy to get to and kid friendly if you want the allure of mountain locations but can’t quite make a difficult hike to get a location. Of course there are many other locations and some I haven’t been able to photograph at yet. I can’t wait to add more to my list for great adventures.


Gold Creek Pond


***Requires NWFS pass***


In the summer the light is magical especially on a cloudy day. There is a large open grass field (In early July it is filled with wildflowers!) and a lake encased by mountains. I love the river stream that can be beautiful to take photos in as well. On rainy cloud covered days we can get the most beautiful pink-brushed clouds.

Seattle maternity photographer

Seattle maternity photographer

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Seattle boudoir photographer


This is my go to location in the winter for snow. It does require a bit of a walk to get to the lake as the road is closed typically from early December to April, but well worth the effort.

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Tipsoo Lake


***Requires National Park Pass***


The gem of the PNW best describes this location. It is literally off the side of the highway but has so much to offer. A vast field (amazing purple wildflowers in early August and the best Dr Seuss looking flowers from mid to late August) a beautiful stream with plank bridges, and the most breathtaking view of Mt Rainier. This is my special place I recommend for late July to early October (sometimes it snows a few feet at the end of September) because it is only open and accessible such a short time of the year.

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Seattle Maternity photographer

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Seattle Maternity Photographer

Seattle maternity photographer-67


Flaming Geyser State Park


***Requires Discover Park Pass***


All year round I love this location for different reasons. Early June the wildflower fields are amazing, the summer I love the blue toned river and in the fall and winter I love the open fields and warm toned scenery. It is generally close to everyone in the Seattle area so it doesn’t require a long drive and it has so much to offer.

Seattle pregnancy photographer

Seattle pregnancy photographer

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Discovery Park


This is hands down the best field location around. Its magical and the light is sun dripped during golden hour. The tall grass is beautiful surrounded by all the green trees. In the fall the color is amazing. It does require a bit more walking to get to this field from the parking lot (about 10-15mins) but it is a huge area. If you are up to take an Uber or a Lyft to the lighthouse this location gives you the variety of a field and a perfect PNW beach. On some days you can even see Mt Rainier!

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Three Forks Natural Area

Beautiful views of Mt Si with tall grass and all the PNW feels. This i a great location for families and those who love a rustic vibe for your session. The sun sets here can be stunning on a sunny or partly cloudy day!

Seattle Family photographer

Seattle family photographer

Rattlesnake Lake

Don’t let the epic hiking spot fool you that you’ll be brining hiking boots to this location. The base of this exhausting hike features a beautiful jewel toned lake encased by beautiful evergreen trees. From about September to February the lake is low and has the most beautiful tones for rich earth tone colors. In the spring and summer it is fresh and bright with a full lake.

Seattle maternity photographer

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Maternity photos

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This is a little bit of a secret spot. It is not as well known because the drive is on a bumpy forest service road. Sometimes the gate is locked and it does require about a half a mile hike to the top. It is an easy hike though my 3 year old has done it with me in summers past. The view is incredible and because it is not as well known many times on week days we are the only ones up there!

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Mt Baker


I can’t say enough about this location. Its stunning. I might have more of a bias towards Mt Baker because this location also has Artists Point and this amazing view of the Cascades all within a 360 degree view. This place is over 3.5 hours of a drive from me so please inquire for rates for this location but it does not disappoint!

Seattle maternity photographer

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Seattle maternity photographer

Seattle maternity photographer