Fine art maternity looks

Celebrate your pregnancy by creating artwork that evokes the emotion of remembering the beauty of this moment forever. 

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These are series from a fine art style. The backdrops are painted canvas or floral drops that are more artistic then simple. We usually use flowy silk chiffon to create a vogue feel or bare bodied to give all the focus on the shape of your pregnancy.

Modern maternity looks

Modern maternity looks are typically on a white or black background so all the focus is on momma and the baby bump. The background is clean and simplistic. This is one of my favorite styles for those doing both maternity and newborn images. Images from your maternity session will go really well with classic newborn images on white or black to capture all the details of baby. 

Simple clean and classic. These are timeless styles that in the generations to come they will still be breathtakingly beautiful. Outfit selections are body suits streamlined dresses that highlight the silhouette of the body. Black and whites are a favorite in this style as it gives you the feel of something out of a magazine.

Casual maternity looks

Seattle maternity photographer

Casual styles are some of my favorite when including partners or children. Your pre pregnancy jeans, your partners white button up, crop tops or bra sets give us a casual feel to show off your style and personality. 

For more casual styles these are fun and playful to show off your personality or the connection between you and your partner or your children.

These are just some ideas of style for studio maternity sessions. The more you can give your photographer a feel of what you love the more you will love the experience of taking your maternity photos.