Tacoma maternity photographer

Why on earth would you book a studio maternity session here in the PNW when we are surrounded by all these beautiful landscapes? I mean mountains please? Crystal clear lakes bordered by evergreen trees and PNW beaches with the views of the Olympics in the background make it a hard sell to choose to take your maternity photos in the studio. 

Tacoma maternity photographer

This is one session I can definitely help to persuade that argument. Let’s not count the fact that our weather here is completely unpredictable and it rains a majority of the time. There have been plenty of outdoor session that showed sunny skies in the forecast, but then we were taken by surprise with a downpour of rain. Did I mention that it can be cold and windy? Like freezing cold and windy even in April/May and September to basically March if you are lucky. The studio, its always warm. We can make it warmer to your liking or cooler if you are running a bit warmer then normal during your pregnancy. As a Seattle boudoir photographer we can make magic in studio and stay cozy!

Guess another bonus to a studio maternity session? It doesn’t matter the time of day and the lighting is always consistent. We don’t have to fight for space or worry about any on lookers around us. If you still need more reasons to choose a studio session over an outdoor session (or possibly just indulge in both sessions) take a look at this gorgeous maternity session of the beautiful Jayna. 

These images completely capture her beauty and her personality. She has an amazing story to her scars, which we choose to keep in some of the photos. Marks and scars tell a story and are unique to each individual’s journey. I’m very proud of this session for so many reasons. It’s beautiful of course but it was tailored to fit her style and characteristics. What I love about being a Seattle boudoir photographer is telling your story your way!

Seattle maternity photographer