Looking to capture a special moment in your life?  There are so many photographers out there it can get a little overwhelming choosing the right one. Some specialize in only one genre like weddings, maternity, newborn or senior photography. I recommend finding a photographer that is experienced in the genre you are looking for. They will be experienced and the expert in that field. There is so much to learn and know in each type of photography so you want the best for what you are looking for. 

When I first started I dabbled in a little bit of everything. It was very overwhelming! Certain types of photography you want specific equipment that you don’t necessarily use for every type of session. With my equipment I want to make sure I have the best for what I am doing. After trying a little bit of everything I realized that there is so much to learn. I quickly decided it was best to become the expert in the area I was passionate about. This way I could focus my investments on equipment and training that in one area and master it. For both newborn and maternity photography I invested in the best mentors in the field to refine my skills and craft. When I’m looking for a photographer for my own personal photos I expect the same expertise. You are investing a lot into the photographer and I want to get the most for my money.

Here are just a few tips of what I personally do when booking a photographer

  1. If I am looking for couples photos I want someone who regularly works with couples and is experienced in posing and making it a fun and enjoyable experience 
  2. I thoroughly look over their website and read through their blogs to ensure that their style of photography fits my own vision of what I want
  3. The photographer must be licensed and fully insured as a professional photographer. Hobbyist are great but I want a photographer that is passionate and professional and will give me professional quality images
  4. I want to see a full client gallery. Many photographers have a couple great images (1-3) from a session but the rest are just ok. I want to be in love with every single image, I’m not looking for just one great wow factor photo.
  5. I want someone who is personable and prompt in responding to my emails. The personality of the photographer is important. They must be personable so that we have a good time during our session and you will be able to see that in our photos. 
Seattle maternity photographer

I hope that these few little tips will help in your search for a photographer. These images are from one of my favorite maternity sessions in 2019! It was a freezing cold winter day but the images are absolutely stunning. 

Seattle maternity photographer