Mt Rainier Sessions

Seattle Family Photographer

Last year was amazing for Mt Rainier sessions. It was a beautiful sunny summer day! This year I have a few summer sessions planned here again. These sessions will be limited. For more information on booking summer Rainier sessions please feel free to contact me. 

Things to know about summer family sessions:

Mt Rainier family photos

It can be very hot! Be sure before your photo sessions to make sure everyone is very well hydrated starting at the beginning of the day. Summer sessions happen later in the evening, which will be the hottest time. Luckily we don’t get very hot weather but it is very easy to become dehydrated.

Most locations in the summer there will be mosquitos and other bugs. Be sure to protect yourself with bug repellent. 

Flowers are in full bloom and if you have allergies you may be sensitive so come prepared. 

The scenery here in the PNW is absolutely amazing. Be sure to dress in a way that compliments the location and doesn’t distract too much with the backdrop. I’m a huge fan of neutral colors and textures. You also want everyone to dress that shows their personality to compliment everyone, but not so matchy everyone looks the same. 

We all could use a nap. Late afternoon evening sessions can be draining if you have had a full day prior to your session. I recommend having a relaxing no stress day on your photo shoot, but we all have busy schedules in the summer so taking a nap before is a great way to be rested and recharged to have energy to have fun and enjoy the photography experience. 

The best advice for summer photo shoots is always to have fun! You want it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and it will show on camera. I don’t recommend bribes or telling kids or even adults that they have to behave and smile for the camera. Take it as a family experience. You are going on an adventure with your photo in one of the most beautiful places. This is a time and moment to be present and love and laugh with your family, and the bonus is you will get it all caught on camera!!