Can you do glamour studio maternity? Yes! It is so soft and beautiful! As a Seattle boudoir photographer we have a full studio set up for this exact type of look!

maternity photos

Studio maternity is an art form I have always loved and respected. The way the light can highlight and tell a story in a photo drawing in your eyes has inspired me ever since I started in photography. When I first started doing studio maternity it was incredibly intimidating. Even with that I loved my very first studio maternity session. My outdoor sessions have become a signature with the amazing scenery we have here in the PNW. You cannot compare the two at all but there is a unique beauty to the sole focus on the beauty of pregnancy. 

I do have some exciting news coming that I can finally announce since it is so close! In April I am going to New York to work and learn from Lola Melani! Her studio maternity work has been an inspiration. I cannot wait to learn hands on from the best! It will be an exciting change for my work in the next few months. Of course I will still continue to do outdoor maternity sessions, but this will be a welcome change to offer for mommas who want studio or the option of both!

This session with Destiny was one of my favorite studio maternity sessions. She completely trusted me and had a confidence that read so well through the camera lens. Pair that with some gorgeous gowns I’m just in love with the styling and look of this session. I love how this session brought out my inner Seattle boudoir photographer style!

Most of my collection is made up of Sew Trendy gowns. Last year they came out with a limited edition mauve hand embroider robe. I don’t know how much use I will get out of it, but it is one of those special pieces you have for just the perfect occasion. 

How do you feel about studio maternity? I do both with beautiful gowns just like my outdoor maternity sessions, or with body suits and sheer fabrics to showcase the beauty of pregnancy.