Rattlesnake Lake Maternity Session

maternity photos


This is a beautiful lake especially in the winter when you don’t want snow but still want a gorgeous mountain like setting. The first time I ever came to this location I was so amazed at the colors in the lake. There were blue tones in the lake and rich evergreen reflections in the lake from the trees surrounding. Pair all that rich vibrant tones with a golden sunset and it can be magical. In the winter the mountains in the background have snow capped hills that provide a glimmer of a wintery effect.

maternity photos

For this session right at sunset we had this beautiful fog come in right as the sun was setting. It was such a nice effect for this romantic session.

Most of my clients always comment on how much magic I do in Photoshop or how well I pose my clients to make them look perfect. What they don’t realize is that I am only 50% of the equation of a perfect photo. I need the energy and the natural moments from my clients. I cannot fake that or create that with any amount of Photoshop magic. Getting the best photos means getting them at their best right out of the camera with no editing first.

Megan and Chris were the perfect example of natural expressive moments in their session. I barely had to get them any amount of direction during their maternity session. That just makes my job so much better and gives them the best moments and memory to look back on over the years.

Posed photos are great but capturing the love between my clients is what makes the magic. The photos that are timeless and expressive are those that you can feel the emotion and interaction between the subjects involved. When you look back at photos 10 or 20 years form now you want to see and feel that emotion and expression that shows who you were at that time. The way you laugh, the way you love and your happiness. This isn’t created it happens through experience! When working with me we have fun and it is your chance to interact and express yourself in the moment!