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Summer family sessions are a must to do for a couple of reasons. One being that kids and the outdoors just go hand in hand. There is something about fresh air and nature that helps to put kids at ease. Warm summer weather also helps to keep kids and babies comfortable. Remembering some of my sessions this past winter, most of the kids could barely make it outside much more then twenty minutes. The other reason, as it is for any session, is that gorgeous summer sun light.

If you know anything about photography or Photoshop, its impossible to fake beautiful scenery. This family photo session was amazing because of that sun kissed tree line background. You can just feel the warmth in this families sun kissed skin. It completely just makes the vibe and beautiful simplicity of these photos.

Family photos Family photos

This is by far one of my favorite sessions I’ve done for a family. Here are a couple of reasons why. They are natural, un posed, slightly guided, but they were completely themselves. Clients are always asking me to pose them and help them to position themselves for photos. I will let you on a little secret….when you don’t pose and you just naturally interact with your family in your photos it is ten times better then posing and looking at the camera.

For my family photos sessions I want to see you and everyone in your family for who they are. As your kids grow older they won’t make the weird faces anymore, they won’t be as shy, and they will always remember the way Mom laughed when she was happy. Those are moments that are photo worthy, hang on the wall worthy, and look back on when you are telling stories about family members in 20 years.

So do me a favor. The next time you think about getting family pictures done, consider they dynamics of your family and how you all like to play. What is a good location or time of year that best pairs with your families’ personality? Then have fun!! Getting your photos done should be just as a beautiful experience as the beauty that is captured in those photos.

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