Newborn Poses!

I often forget that I am so immersed into newborn photography and know all about all the lingo that most of my clients don’t! Knowing what poses you are wanting for your newborn sessions is import to allow your photographer to create the best session that fits your preferences. With each pose your Seattle newborn photographer also captures other angles and details. Here is a quick run down on some newborn posing!

Please keep in mind that I am a professionally trained and experienced newborn photographer. Many of these poses are composites and if don’t incorrectly can harm baby. Ensuring that your baby is safe always takes priority over a photo. If you are looking into becoming a newborn photographer I strongly recommend that you don’t attempt most of these poses without professional guidance and training.

Froggy Pose

Seattle baby photos

One of my favorites, and one of the most challenging newborn poses. This is one that is done as a composite and a hand is on baby at all times.

Timber Pose

Seattle baby photos

Can you guess why this is called timber pose? Its done after froggy we gently guide baby into a timber down onto the poser! For girls I also call it the tulip pose because their hands remind me of tulip petals!

Taco Pose

Seattle baby photographer

This is also called the womb pose because it looks similar to positions babies take in the womb

Soft Taco Pose

Seattle baby photographer

A softer version of full taco! I prefer this one as it can also be done on older babies

Tucked in 

Newborn photos

This is a favorite to get baby all relaxed and tucked into bed! A sleepy cap or bonnet really tugs at the heart strings. Sometimes I’ll do this one in an actual bed as well.

Head in Hands

Seattle baby photographer

Baby is propped up perfectly to focus on his or her beautiful face and tiny details

Bucket Pose

Seattle baby photographer

Similar to head in hands but in a bucket. Who doesn’t love a baby in a bucket

Bum up

Tacoma baby photographer

A favorite pose of parents and one of the best for showing off those squishy baby rolls

Relaxed Pose

Baby photographer

I do several versions of this pose as I let baby lead the positioning. Many babies just naturally go into the hands behind the head, not only because they naturally cool chill babies, but it’s a sleep position they do at home.

Side Laying Pose

Seattle baby photographer

A great pose to add a pillow or a felted animal as it looks like they are all ready for sleepy newborn cuddles

Relaxed in a bowl

Newborn photos

Beautiful rich lighting with baby laid back in a bowl