If you have been a client of mine or are new but have had troubles with my website in the past couple of days I want to apologize. My website was recently hacked and I’ve had to start over and rebuild completely from scratch. Let’s just say it has been a long week. As of today, I have almost everything back and up and running as normal. There are a few things I still need to update.

Seattle baby photographer Seattle baby photographer

For new clients that are searching for a photographer, if you have been patient enough to make it this far I really appreciate it. I pride myself on having a beautiful user friendly website for you to be able to browse to see my latest work and find out all the information regarding sessions. If there is anything that needs clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Seattle baby photographer

In the mean time I thought I’d add a few of my favorite past photos! One of the hardest things about rebuilding my website is remembering all my favorite sessions and digging up the photos to add to my photo galleries. I still have a long list I need to add but the ones I was able to add give the perfect example of what to expect when booking a session with me.

baby photographer baby photographer

The upside to having your website crash is that I’m mostly adding fresh new content! It is like a brand new start. At least, after this ordeal I can come away with a positive upside to all the extra chaos it has caused.

baby photographer baby photographer

In the future, hopefully very near, I will have everything back and up 100%. 2018 has started off as a great year for me and I am so excited about all the clients I will be working with. Plus the babies, I love babies!