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I am always here to help you with all the planning and prepping for your newborn, maternity, senior or wedding to make the most out of this moment in your life. This guide will give you just a few tricks and tips so you know what you can do to prepare.  As always contact me anytime if you have any questions or need any help with any of these tips.

Tip 1: Plan and book your session ahead of time

Thinking about updating your family photos, planning a special session for when your newborn baby arrives, engagement photos, or you are recently engaged and planning for a newborn photographer? These types of events and moments in your life are important, but can easily be put off until the last minute. The first big tip for planning for a photographer is booking ahead of time. The last thing you want is to need photos for a gift or event and find out that your favorite photographer is booked out for 3 months, and trust me it happens! The earlier you can plan and book your session the better so that you can ensure you get your photos when you need them.

Here is a good timeline of how far to plan in advance:

Maternity sessions- book around 4 months and plan for 28-33 weeks of pregnancy

Seniors- 2-3 months

Wedding- 6 months to a year (the sooner the better!) I would recommended after you have your venue and date selected then find your photographer

Portrait/family- 1-2 months

Tip 2: Prepare your outfits

No matter what type of session you are planning, what you wear will be one of the most important key essentials in preparing for your session. Coordinating outfits for just one person or an entire family takes some planning. You want to make sure that the outfits are a representation of you, is comfortable, and coordinates. My last personal family session it took me 2 months to find shoes that went together well for 5 of us! Not to mention clothes and accessories. Outfits for multiple people do not have to match color for color or pattern

for pattern. In your pre session consultation or anytime prior to your session I would be happy to assist you with what to wear.

Tip 3: A Good nights rest

Do yourself a big favor and go to bed early and hydrate well before your session. You want to look your best, and you will look and feel your best when you take care of yourself. Yes Photoshop is magic and can help reduce the look of under eye circles, but if you are tired and not well rested that will show in your expressions and translate in the photos.

Tip 4: Everyone fed and napped prior to session for kids

This actually applies to adults too (well maybe minus the nap)! Kids will do their best with a full stomach and when little ones have napped prior to the session (depending on your session time). The same goes for me I make sure that I’ve eaten and am well rested so that I have the energy and focus to perform my best for your session.

These are just a few good tips that can help you make the most out of your investment in your photos. In your pre session consultation I would be happy to go over any questions about these tips or anything else!

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